Composer John Anderson, born in Granbury, Texas, was initially inspired to explore other cultures by Comanche Peak, a former ceremonial site of the Comanche people, situated at the edge of Anderson's hometown. One of the only elevated land masses in a valley that is as flat as far as the eye can see, Anderson first began to create and record music at this historic location.


From his first lessons and experiments with music, Anderson has explored and incorporated several styles including ambient synth, indie pop, and Americana in combination with his musical inspirations ranging from the banks of the Ganges, India's holiest river, to the shores of the Cook Inlet in Anchorage, Alaska to Vanua Levu, a Fijian island where he lived for two years.  

Now settled in the musically vast and diverse Los Angeles, Anderson has been delving into additional musical styles to integrate into his composition of film scores.