The new album, featuring 200+ tracks, is out now on all streaming platforms, check it out on Spotify and iTunes

“A cinematic piece that is at once playful and emotionally vibrant.”

Chain Letter Collective releases Return to Fear Mountain!!!!

Chain Letter Collective has released the concept album Return to Fear Mountain, listen now on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and anywhere else you stream music.

"A spherical journey that leads the listener through layers of soundscapes built with effected voices, guitars, ambient percussion, and a variety of synthesizers. Dark and immersive, the story told with this music follows a character as they pass into the afterlife in order to confront personal demons only to come back to life and continue moving forward."

Chain Letter Collective has officially released the Carnival Lights EP,  listen now on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and anywhere else you stream music. 

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"Using this blend of sounds, John integrates his style into the films and television he scores, driving an entire concept or vibe home. Drawing inspiration from new-age, futurism, folk, and even 80s synth makes for a truly memorable sound, and one you'll most certainly return to."


In addition to the EP release, video artist Greg Reitman produced and edited the visual album.

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